Account Verification

The order ID is a 4 to 6 digit numbers sent to your e-mail after checkout from AppSally. example: #34567
Please kindly provide the full official name of your state or province
Please kindly provide the full official name of your country
We will use this payment email to verify or send the payment request

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to verify my identity?

This is part of our efforts to build a safer and more reliable platform for both our service providers and customers. You’ll only need to verify your identity once.

What if I’m unable to verify my identity?

You will still be able to use AppSally, however you will not be able to use Paypal or credit card to pay for certain products. You can still use alternative payment methods such as Bitcoin, wire transfer, Skrill, ACH, etc.

How long will it take to verify?

Verification will usually take less than 24 hours. You will be informed on your work e-mail once it is completed.

Do you keep my personal data safe?

We discard your personal data immediately upon completion of the verification process.