Chrome Extension Reviews + Installs

Chrome Extension Reviews + Installs

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Do you own a Chrome browser extensions and looking for real audience growth? We will promote Chrome extensions to grow your real audience. You get high quality genuine users and other natural reactions like install, reviews and more.

Why you need this:

  • Genuine and real, non drop reviews
  • Reviews from users worldwide
  • Guaranteeing your extension will not get ban because of our service
  • Add in keywords into reviews to improve your extension ranking in search results
  • Able to provide custom reviews (optional)

You get:

  • Chrome extension reviews + Installs
  • Real traffic with real users
  • Grow your audience in your page
  • Delivery in 5-7 days (depending on what package you ordered)

We promise you with real audience growth from all around the world. We are open to custom request, so feel free to contact us :)

Note: For extensions that are only available in certain countries, please contact us before dropping us an order for more info.