Instagram Likes

Instagram Likes

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Why you need this:
  • More likes help in better reputation of your account. New user decides whether want to follow you or not by looking at the number of likes.
  • High number of likes makes your account to look legitimate, established and trustable. 
  • Save your precious time and effort in growing your audience.

    What you will get:
    • No spam or bots, only real users
    • Approximately 5 - 30 days delivery (depending on what package you order)


    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

    1) Do you require access to my social media account?
    No. You just need to provide us with a link to your account.

    2) If I buy likes, will my account be suspended?
    No. We get real users to like your post. Therefore it's safe.

    3) Will the likes drop after a few weeks?
    This is highly unlikely because we get real users to like your post. In any case if your likes drop, please contact our support (