Buy Amazon Verified Reviews (FBA)

Amazon Verified Reviews (FBA)

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Why you should buy Amazon verified reviews (FBA):
  • Boost your product ranking on Amazon store
  • Drive traffic to your product on Amazon and help it to sell
  • Significantly improve you and your product credibility on Amazon
  • 70% customers trust Amazon reviews and rely heavily on reviews especially verified reviews to decide which seller to buy the product from
  • Over 90% of Amazon users won't purchase an item with less than 3 stars
  • A study from the Harvard Business School discovered that a positive reviews led to a 5-9% revenue boost
Why AppSally is the best place to buy Amazon verified reviews (FBA):
  • Amazon reviews with "Verified Purchase" label
  • Genuine and non-drop Amazon verified reviews (15 days guarantee)
  • Purchase by real users
  • Approximately 14 - 90 days delivery after cost of buying product is received (depends on package size, product and country)

Notes about buying Amazon verified reviews (FBA):

  • FBA = Fulfillment by Amazon
  • Item needs to be shipped
  • Package price does not include product price, shipping fee and any transaction fees incurred by payment providers
  • We will collect the payment to purchase your item on Amazon separately with one of the following payment method: Payoneer (>$50), PayPal (<$100) or Wire Transfer(International). It will be on pre-payment term
  • You will need to pay for total fees incurred by payment providers. This will be informed after we checked your product price and shipping fee
  • This service currently do not have a dedicated dashboard
  • Please contact us at for enquiry or other coordination
Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about buying Amazon verified reviews (FBA):
    1) Why Amazon verified reviews (FBA) may take longer time to deliver?
      • We get people who are genuinely interested in your product to buy and review.
      • Too many reviews posted in a short time is not safe for your Amazon account.
      2) What happen if not able to leave review after product being delivered or a posted review being removed?
        • This is unlikely to happen because we look for people who are genuinely interested in your product to buy but how Amazon works to remove review is a mystery. So in this unlikely event, if after product is delivered but reviewer not able to leave review or posted review being removed, we will replace with an unverified photo review.
        • If you do not want the replacement, we will still deduct the product cost but not the review fee. Review fee is non-refundable. You can either top-up the product cost or transfer the review fee to other services.