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iOS App Review Votes

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Why you need to buy iOS app review votes:

  • 58% of users check app reviews before installing an iOS app
  • 90% users download only apps with positive reviews on Apple App Store
  • Give positive app reviews "Helpful" votes to show them on top of all app reviews and get people to install your iOS app or game
  • Give negative app reviews "Unhelpful" votes to push them down of all app reviews

Buy iOS app review votes and get:

  • Helpful votes or Unhelpful votes for app reviews
  • App review votes from real people installing apps and games regularly on Apple App Store. No spam or bots
  • Approximately 5 - 14 days delivery (depending on what iOS app review votes you buy).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about buying iOS app review votes:

1) Are paid app review votes safe?
All our review votes are safe. They are obtained from users who owned unique Apple device and from different geographical location.

2) Can I decide how many app review upvotes or downvotes to be done on Apple App Store everyday?
Yes. Just let us know!