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Why you should buy Amazon search & purchase:
  • Kickstart your sales on Amazon. Don't need to wait forever to get first sale after listing your product on Amazon
  • High click-through rate improves product ranking and help you outcompete other sellers
  • Amazon keeps track of which products people end up buying after searching for a given keyword. They use that data to help them decide which product is most relevant to the original search term and display the item first
  • Every sale made from that link counts toward that specific search term’s relevancy
Buy Amazon keyword search & purchase to get:
  • Purchase from real buyers, no spam or bots
  • Searching for your product using keyword specified before purchase
  • Approximately 7 - 60 days delivery after product buying cost received
What you need to provide us to buy Amazon keyword search & purchase:
  • Product URL
  • One keyword 

Notes about buying Amazon keyword search & purchase:

  • FBA = Fulfillment by Amazon
  • Item needs to be shipped
  • Package price does not include product price, shipping fee and any transaction fees incurred by payment provider. We will collect the payment to purchase your item on Amazon separately with one of these payment method: Skrill, Payoneer, Bitcoin or Wire Transfer. It will be on pre-payment term
  • Product will be kept by buyers.
  • We support all country Amazon stores
  • Please contact us at for enquiry or specific arrangement