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Amazon Q&A Posting

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Why you should buy Amazon Q&A posting:
  • Increase credibility and interaction as an Amazon seller or merchant on Amazon. People prefer to buy from active and responsive seller
  • Increase trust and buyer confidence on products you sell on Amazon
  • Increase sales
Buy Amazon Q&A posting and get:
  • Questions posted by real users
  • Approximately 7 - 30 days delivery (depending on what Amazon Q&A posting package you buy)

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about buying Q&A posting on Amazon:

1) Can I split the Q&A posting package to different products?
Yes. 10 questions can be split to 5 products regardless of number of questions per product. Eg. 2-2-2-2-2 or 5-2-1-1-1.

2) Why the estimated delivery time is so long for 10 questions?
If you want 10 questions to be posted for 1 product, we recommend that they are not posted within short time to better reflect how questions and answers are usually collected for products sold on Amazon.