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Why you need to buy unverified Amazon Kindle book reviews:

  • To boost your Kindle book ranking on Amazon Kindle store and drive sales for your ebook
  • 70% of readers trust online reviews and use them to decide to buy from you or other authors
  • Over 90% of Amazon users won’t purchase an item with less than 3 stars
  • Drive sales by increasing trust and credibility of you and your Kindle book

Why AppSally is the best site to buy unverified Amazon Kindle book reviews:

  • Amazon kindle book reviews without “Verified Purchase” label
  • Genuine and non-drop reviews on Kindle book (15 days guarantee)
  • No spam or bots, only reviews from real readers
  • Approximately 3 – 14 days delivery (depending on what Amazon Kindle book reviews package you buy)

What you need to provide us to get unverified Amazon Kindle book reviews:

  • Amazon Kindle ebook link
  • Maximum 3 keywords to be included in the review

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about buying unverified Amazon Kindle book reviews:

  1. Why unverified Amazon Kindle book reviews may take longer time to deliver?

    • We get people who are genuinely interested in your product to write review.
    • Too many reviews posted in a short time is not safe for your Amazon account.

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