Android App Installs & Use

Android App Installs & Use

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Why you need to buy Android app installs and use:

  • Improve app ranking in Google Play
  • App installs, app ratings and app reviews are three important ranking factors
  • First impression matters. Android app or game with high number of installs will attract many users to install it too
  • Paid app installs helps new app or game to rank on top new chart
  • Reach worldwide users on Google Play

Buy Android app installs and get:

  • App installs and usage by real users not bots
  • You can let us know what user need to do as part of using your app in 10 minutes (Eg; register an account, complete level 3 and more)
  • Approximately 14 - 30 days delivery (depending on what Android app installs and use you buy).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about buying Android app installs and use:

1) Can you do geographical targeted installs?
Yes. For apps that are geographically targeted we will take a longer time to complete the order. Please send an email to if you want app installs from a specific country.

2) Are paid Android app installs safe?
All our installs are safe. They are done by users who owned unique Android device and from different geographical location.

3) Can I decide how many installs to get everyday?