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Instagram Views

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Why you need to buy Instagram views:

  • Improve video ranking and make it more likely to show up in follower's feed, explore page and search result. When a video receives a ton of views on Instagram, this signals to Instagram that your video is quality, engaging content that more people will want to see. Instagram will then show the video to more users
  • Increase your organic video click-through by 43% because many people judge a video by its view count. People feel comfortable joining the crowd
  • Much quicker than spending lots of time getting views from liking other videos, following other people on Instagram or use hashtags

Buy Instagram views and get:

  • High quality Instagram video views
  • Safe views
  • Approximately 5 - 15 days delivery (depending on what Instagram views package you buy)

What you need to provide us to get more views on Instagram: 

  • Instagram video link


  • This service does not have a dashboard for viewing the order