iOS App Installs

iOS App Installs

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Why you need this:
  • With high quality installs, you will be able to improve app ranking in store
  • When ranking app, App Store also take into account app installs other than ratings and reviews
  • First impression matters, when your app has a lot of installs it will attract other users to install it too
  • If you are launching a new app, it is important to have a spike in your installs graph to rank on top chart
  • More installs give your app exposure to new users to try your app
  • To have a positive install growth where you want your app installs to increase over time to boost your app ranking
  • Reach users from all around the world on iOS platform

What you will get:
  • App installs and app usage by real users, not bots
  • Approximately 2 - 30 days delivery (depending on what package you order)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

1) Can you do geographical targeted orders?
Yes. For apps that are geographically targeted we will take a longer time to complete the order.