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Why you need to buy iTunes Music reviews:

  • Growing the number and quality of reviews is very important to the success of your song on iTunes Music
  • iTunes Music features more than 50 million songs
  • Young people are highly engaged with music, with 82% of 13-15 year-olds listening to licensed music and the majority willing to pay for music

Buy iTunes Music reviews and get:

  • Genuine and non drop rating and iTunes music reviews from real users (15 days guarantee)
  • Positive iTunes music reviews get 4-5 star ratings. Negative iTunes music reviews get 1-2 star ratings
  • 10-15 words reviews for your music with focused keyword (if provided)
  • All iTunes music reviews are written in English language
  • Majority of the reviews delivered will be generic. But, a small number of reviews will have the keywords you specified
  • Approximately 14 – 30 days delivery (depending on what iTunes music reviews you order)

What you need to provide us to buy iTunes Music reviews:

  • iTunes Music link
  • Maximum 3 keywords to be included in the review

Notes about buying iTunes Music reviews:

  • Purchase by real users
  • Package price does not include book price and any transaction fees incurred by payment providers
  • We will collect the payment to purchase your song on iTunes Music store separately with one of the following payment method: Payoneer (>$50), PayPal (<$100) or Wire Transfer(International)
  • It will be on pre-payment term
  • You will need to pay for total fees incurred by payment providers. This will be informed after we checked your book price and transaction fees
  • Please contact us at [email protected] for enquiry or other coordination

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about buying iTunes Music reviews:

  1. Are paid iTunes Music reviews safe?
    All our reviews are safe. They are written by users who owned unique Apple device and from different geographical location.
  2. Can I decide how many reviews to be posted on iTunes Music everyday?
  3. What happens if my reviews are deleted?
    If reviews on your music are deleted within 15 days, we will replace maximum 50% of the reviews.

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