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Why you need Reddit Karma:

  • Reddit Karma reflects the contribution that a user has made to the Reddit community. Reddit user gains some karma when posts or comments are upvoted. You can see on your profile page how much karma your account has.
  • Karma affects your account reputation and your ability to post and comment on Reddit
  • If your karma is low, you can find that moderators automatically or manually remove your comments and posts. Some subreddits will only accept comments and posts from those with a minimum amount of karma.
  • The higher your karma, the more trustworthy you are perceived to be on Reddit

Why AppSally is the best site to buy Reddit Karma:

  • Upvotes to increase your karma from real users, no bots.
  • We don’t need your account credential. So, it’s safe and there is no chance for the account to be hacked and banned
  • Approximately 5 – 30 days delivery depending on the size of your order

What you need to provide us to get Reddit Karma:

  • Reddit post link

Notes about buying Reddit Karma:

  • 1 upvote does not necessarily equate 1 karma. The exact conversion is kept secret by Reddit. However, each upvote should increase your karma by a little
  • Reddit disguises your actual Karma score in an effort to fight cheaters on the platform. You may notice that the total increases or decreases by a couple of points if you monitor your karma. This is nothing to worry about, however, because your’ real’ score is always accurately recorded, although it may not be apparent when you view individual posts.

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