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Why do I need to buy Snapchat Accounts (PVA)?
  • Snapchat is a globally used multimedia messaging app created by former students at Stanford University, Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, and Reggie Brown, and developed by Snap Inc., originally Snapchat Inc.
  • You can use bulk Snapchat accounts (PVA) for advertisement purposes, marketing strategy and etc.
  • It’s also a good opportunity to reach the wider audience target by having more Snapchat accounts (PVA) at your expense.
Why AppSally is the best site to buy Snapchat Accounts (PVA)?
  • Snapchat accounts (PVA) are real Phone Verified Accounts created with unique IP address. Snapchat accounts (PVA) are safe to be used for Snapchat features without any restrictions.
  • 48 hours of free replacement warranty.
  • There is no option to choose gender of account. It will be randomly selected based on availability.
  • AppSally is a curated marketplace. All service providers are screened and evaluated based on their quality, reliability, delivery speed and price. Service providers with the highest score are handpicked to deliver your order. We have delivered thousands of accounts orders and worked with dozens of service providers, so you don’t have to waste your time with the wrong ones in Fiverr buy Snapchat accounts (PVA) or from Reddit. If you are wondering where to buy PVA accounts on Snapchat or the best site to purchase, look no further because AppSally is the preferred choice of our thousands of clients over Fiverr or Reddit.
How to buy Snapchat Accounts (PVA)?
  • We will START processing your order either instantly or within 24 hours after you have given us the necessary info in the dashboard as required above. We may need to confirm your email if your Paypal email is different from your customer email.
  • The actual delivery will take longer than 24 hours. Please refer to the section below for estimated delivery time.
Will I get banned or can I purchase safe PVA Accounts on Snapchat?
  • It is important to follow the safety measures as per our instruction, otherwise there is risk of account suspension. Some of the common safety measure include: do not use public VPN to login, do not use multiple accounts on same browser/device. We will NOT offer replacement if your account is suspended due to not following our safety instructions.
Am I buying Snapchat Accounts (PVA) instant or fast and is it safe to deliver them faster?
  • Approximately 5 – 10 days delivery, depending on the size of your order.
Is buying PVA Accounts on Snapchat cheap? Can you do $5 Snapchat Accounts (PVA)?
  • AppSally is not aimed at being the most affordable service provider. On the contrary, we aspire to be the best and safest quality.
  • That being said, most of our customers find that our prices for Snapchat accounts (PVA) are cheap compared to most competitors, particularly after considering our quality of service. The reasoning is that due to bulk orders and high order size, we can get better pricing from our third-party service providers.
  • Be cautious with services that claim to offer cheap $1 Snapchat accounts (PVA) or $5 Snapchat accounts (PVA) as they may be scam or bot traffic. According to our knowledge, 95% of the cheapest service providers are fraud.
Can I target users from certain countries only like buy Snapchat Accounts (PVA) USA, Accounts (PVA) UK or Canada?
  • Unfortunately no, you can’t target UK, Canada or USA Snapchat accounts (PVA). Your order will be fulfilled by users from all over the world and we DO NOT promise any specific country. If your Snapchat account is only available for certain countries, feel free to contact support before placing your order.
When I buy bulk Snapchat Accounts (PVA) am I buying Snapchat Accounts (PVA) with followers/friends?
  • Yes, you are buying bulk Snapchat accounts (PVA) with this product. However, these accounts ARE NOT accounts with Snapchat followers/friends. Usually, these bulk accounts come with zero followers/friends.
  • If you are wondering where to purchase Snapchat accounts (PVA) with followers/friends, look no further because you can find it here.

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  1. Posie (verified owner)

    Delivered as promised, prompt, and professional. I bought Snapchat accounts and views, both work well.


  2. Bill (verified owner)

    Very user friendly. Able to see the status of my order, when should I be expecting order to be done, and got my order slightly ahead of estimation too. Good job guys!


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