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Why you should buy Spotify plays:
  • Get more people to listen to your songs and build your fan base
  • Increase your social credibility as more plays symbolises higher popularity. This gets you more plays and monthly listeners. It also gives your music the chance to be popular faster
  • Improve your music revenue

Why AppSally is the best place to buy Spotify plays:

  • High quality Spotify plays booster
  • 100% natural plays performed by real accounts. No spam or bots
  • Approximately 5 - 14 days delivery (depending on what Spotify plays package you buy and your track current number of plays)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about getting Spotify plays:

1) Do you require access to my Spotify account?
No. You only need to provide us a URL to your Spotify album or track. Artist URL and Playlist URL are not accepted.

2) If I buy plays on Spotify, will my account be suspended?
No. We get real people who use Spotify regularly to play your songs hence it's safe to buy Spotify plays from us.

3) Is there a dedicated dashboard?
No. You will see increase in number of plays.

4) How long does it takes to deliver the plays?
Depending on what package you buy and your track current number of plays. If your track has <1,000 plays, then we will start with less plays per day. And if you ordered larger Plays package, then we will gradually increase the number of plays per day over the time.