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Why do I need to buy Yelp Reviews?
  • Yelp helps develop, host and market and the Yelp mobile app that publishes crowd – sourced reviews of local businesses and the Yelp Reservations online booking service.
  • Increase revenue by bringing in new customers. A study from the Harvard Business School discovered that a one-star increase on Yelp led to a 5-9% increase in revenue while one negative review can cost a business 30 customers.
  • Increase trust and credibility of your place and service. 72% of consumers say that positive reviews on Yelp make them trust a local business more.
  • No matter how wonderful a company or service is, nobody is going to know it exists without some online reviews and Yelp is the largest source with over 40 million business reviews.
  • 92% of consumers read online reviews on Yelp before deciding to buy. Yelp attracts over 70 million unique visitors per month, all of whom are looking to visit their next restaurant, get their next haircut or buy something. Yelp ranks highly on search engines like Google/Yahoo/Bing. When someone searches for your business, they’re likely to find Yelp reviews before they even see your website.
Why buy Yelp Reviews from us?
  • Positive reviews with custom keywords if provided.
  • Reviews can be geo-targeted with accounts in India, Indonesia, Malaysia and US. For other countries, please email us for enquiry.
  • Multiple Yelp reviews will be spaced by a few days in between.
  • Get free drop replacement if part of your order is dropped within 15 days.
How to buy Yelp Reviews?
  • After you have made payment, you will be given access to a dashboard where you can provide us with Yelp business link.
  • Review content (mandatory if no previous positive reviews as reference) or maximum 6 keywords for standard review (for example: clean, cozy, good for groups, quiet environment, kid-friendly, spacious).
  • Minor shortcomings about your hotel/restaurant/place/service that we can mention (optional but it will help to create an unbiased-looking, more credible and realistic reviews on Yelp).
  • Email all details to [email protected]
  • We will START processing your order either instantly or within 24 hours after you have given us the necessary info in the dashboard as required above. We may need to confirm your email if your Paypal email is different from your customer email.
  • The actual delivery will take longer than 24 hours. Please refer to the section below for estimated delivery time.
Are your Yelp Reviews real, active & legit or are they fake reviews?
  • All reviews provided are real, legit and non incentivised. You get an honest review from users based on their experience with your products or services on Yelp – be it a positive, negative or even no review. For example if you ordered 10 positive reviews, you may receive 8 positive reviews and 1 negative review and 1 no review. This is because the reviews are genuine and we do not have control on the users feedback. In this case you will only be billed for the 8 positives, and be entitled for 2 more positive reviews. Contact us if you need further clarification on this.
  • Some of what we may do include:
    • running social media ads to retarget your customers and encourage them to leave real reviews on Yelp
    • sending your previous customers review reminder e-mail with e-mail widget
    • connect you with interested product testers or do a giveaway
    • provide you with step-by-step guide on how to optimise your Yelp workflow/profile/marketing message in order to maximise chances of your customers leaving reviews
  • In any case, targeted users are not incentivized so they may or may not leave reviews on Yelp. You are paying for our service/know-how to promote your products/services instead of paying for fake reviews. Reviews count is only a marketing KPI used to measure the progress of our service.
What are positive, negative Yelp Reviews or custom reviews
  • A positive review is generally 4 to 5 stars while negative review is 1 star Yelp reviews to 2 stars.
  • Please contact support if you have any custom requirements.
What if the reviews become not recommended?
  • If the Yelp reviews become not recommended within 15 days after being posted, we will NOT be able to offer replacement. We DO NOT promise all the reviews that we deliver will show/stay/stick under recommended.
Will I get banned or can I purchase safe Reviews on Yelp?
  • We don’t need your credential account. So, it’s secure, and there’s no risk of the account being compromised.
  • While our reviews on Yelp are real, that does not mean your account will not be suspended if you engage in other illegal activities, all of which are beyond our control hence we cannot provide any guarantee.
How long does it take to deliver? Am I buying Yelp Reviews instant or fast and is it safe to deliver them faster?
  • Approximately 17-20 days delivery, depending on the size of your order. Geo targeted orders may take longer time. You will get a more accurate delivery timeline from our panel once your order has been placed.
  • Although we may start working on your order instantly, it takes time to fully deliver your order. We deliver orders gradually over a period of time (drip-feed) instead of instant Yelp reviews to present a natural growth of your brand and protect the safety of your Yelp account. In other words, our smart system automatically spreads the promotion and deliver a small and safe amount of reviews on a daily basis.
  • We can’t deliver them faster than what we say or instant Yelp reviews because we’re trying (but DO NOT promise) to get people who are really interested in your page to leave a review.
Is buying Reviews on Yelp cheap? Can you do $5 Yelp Reviews?
  • We do not strive to be the most affordable service provider. On the contrary, we aspire to be the best and safest quality.
  • That being said, most of our customers find that our prices for Yelp reviews are cheap compared to competitors, particularly after considering our quality of service. The reasoning is that due to bulk orders and higher order size, we are able to give you cheaper pricing.
  • Be cautious with services that claim to offer cheap $1 Yelp reviews or $5 Yelp reviews as they may be scam or bot traffic. Based on our experience, 95% of the cheapest sellers are fraud.
Can I target users from certain countries only like buy Yelp Reviews USA, Reviews UK or Canada? Can I target specific niche?
  • Geo-Targeting enhances conversion when your product/service is intended for certain part of the world such as USA, Canada or UK rather than worldwide.
  • We do not have single country targeting such as UK, Canada or buying Yelp reviews USA. Instead, we support multiple countries (region) targeting. Simply select your desired geo-target from the dropdown when you order. If your desired region isn’t available from the dropdown option it means we do not support geo-targeting for that region. Please note that geo-targeted orders may take a longer time to deliver.
What is Yelp Elite Reviews?
  • The Yelp Elite Squad is Yelp’s recognition of those who are deeply involved in the Yelp society as role models. Elite-worthiness is focused on a variety of factors, including well-written reviews, high-quality advice, a comprehensive private image, an effective and complimentary record of polling, and a history of working well with others. Elite Squad members are identified by a colourful Elite logo.The Yelp Elite Squad is an annual program.
  • Yelp elite reviews are simply reviews done by the Yelp Elite squad. At this moment, we do not offer Yelp elite reviews.

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  1. Steve Riabov (verified owner)


    Steve Riabov

  2. Sean H. (verified owner)

    The service has really helped me with my Yelp reputation which is a very hard reputation to maintain with all their rules regulations and garbage that you have to jump through to prove you’re a good business.

    Sean H.

  3. enderiliambs (verified owner)



  4. Mika (verified owner)

    Got what I ordered. A service you can trust.


  5. ramtin (verified owner)

    Please remove the 3stars review


  6. Nathan Luce (verified owner)

    Great service and the reviews are intellectual.

    Nathan Luce

  7. Crystal Lynn (verified owner)

    Easy and reliable!

    Crystal Lynn

  8. Dana (verified owner)

    Hit and miss. Everywhere else is the same. Quality better here


  9. VALERII (verified owner)

    Excellent. Fast. Perfect.


  10. Jordi Y. (verified owner)

    Just what we needed to get started. I would have given it 5 star if you guys can target specific city or state.

    Jordi Y.

  11. Bruno C. (verified owner)

    Easy platform to use, fantastic staff and nothing but great results!

    Bruno C.

  12. Lillie-May Lozano (verified owner)

    I am using a few providers, and appsally is my absolute favorite. The only reason I still have to use others, is because you guys don’t accept larger review orders. Good pricing, and fair quality for the price.

    Lillie-May Lozano

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