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Why you should buy YouTube shares:

  • Improve the ranking of a video on YouTube. The number of times a video is shared is an important engagement score that YouTube look at when deciding which videos to show in search and suggested result
  • Having thousand of shares on your YouTube video is like having thousands of people doing word-of-mouth advertising for you
  • Sharing is a trend these days with millions of YouTube videos shared everyday on different social media platforms it will really help new businesses to get much needed attention and already established businesses to further expand their customer base

Why AppSally is the best site to buy YouTube video shares:

  • YouTube shares from real people
  • No spam or bots
  • Fast delivery (200 YouTube shares in 3 days, 400 YouTube shares in 7 days, the other YouTube shares package in 10+ days)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about buying shares for YouTube video:

1) Are your YouTube shares real or fake?
All YouTube shares you buy are from real people who spend time watching videos on YouTube.

2) Will my account be suspended?
No. We get real users to share your YouTube video hence it's safe to buy YouTube shares from us.

3) Will my YouTube video's shares drop a few weeks after buying?
This is highly unlikely because we get you real YouTube shares.